Select the correct statement:

A. ultraviolet light has a longer wavelength than infrared
B. blue light has a higher frequency than x rays
C. radio waves have higher frequency than gamma rays
D. gamma rays have higher frequency than infrared waves

Correct Answer: D


Electromagnetic waves are classified based on their frequency or wavelength. Gamma rays are a type of electromagnetic radiation with the highest frequency and shortest wavelength in the electromagnetic spectrum. They have frequencies greater than 10^19 Hz, and wavelengths shorter than 10^-11 meters.

Infrared waves, on the other hand, have lower frequencies and longer wavelengths than gamma rays. They have frequencies ranging from 10^12 Hz to 3×10^14 Hz, and wavelengths ranging from 10^-6 meters to 7×10^-7 meters.

Therefore, statement D is correct in stating that gamma rays have a higher frequency than infrared waves.