2nd Year Physics Notes PDF Download [2023 Updated]

Physics is an important subject that provides a fundamental understanding of the physical world around us. In the second year of college, physics plays a more important role in your academic success. To aid in the learning process, we are providing detailed and comprehensive 2nd year physics notes for students and teachers alike. 12th class physics notes include the following chapters:

  1. Electrostatics
  2. Current Electricity
  3. Electromagnetism
  4. Electromagnetic induction
  5. Alternating current

2nd Year Physics Notes Download

All the chapters in your 2nd year book are included in these notes. Moreover, 2nd year physics notes include answers to your book questions and the best thing is that it is handwritten notes that make them different from other notes revolving on the internet.

12th class physics notes are specially designed for the Punjab board, but if your board has the same chapters as mentioned above, then these second year notes are also valid for you.

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The 2nd year physics notes pdf is 67 Pages long, and all the chapters are coved in detail with topic headings. Some pictures of notes are given below:

FAQs for 12th class physics notes

Where can I find 12 class physics notes?

There are various websites on the internet that offer 2nd year physics notes. But if you want the best premium notes then go to the Topics Learn Website.

What is the cost of 2nd year physics notes?

The cost for physics notes is very depending on the provider. Some providers provide notes for certain topics, while others provide full notes for the entire syllabus.
The typical cost of second year physics notes is between 50 and 500 PKR, that a lot! You can get your 12 class physics notes in just 50 PKR on the Topics Learn website.

Are 2nd year physics notes PDF helpful for exam preparation?

Yes, 12 class physics notes are helpful for exam preparation as they provide a comprehensive overview of the syllabus and key concepts.

Can I get 2nd year physics notes for Punjab Board in PDF format?

Yes, 12 class physics notes are in PDF format so you can easily access them on your mobile phone and PC. Moreover, you can print 2nd year physics notes pdf.


2nd year physics notes are a valuable resource for students looking to succeed in their exams and gain a deeper understanding of physics. Topics Learn 12th class physics notes are very useful for students and teachers, and more affordable than other notes on the internet. I hope you find the 2nd year physics notes pdf useful.