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MGT211 GDB Question

People interested in the affairs of the business in one way or the other are usually called as stakeholders. One important category of these stakeholders is the customers. Every country has made certain rules to protect the rights of the customers.

Sunny, a young student from Lahore wanted to buy a new laptop for his study as well as his gaming needs. He contacted ABC Traders, Lahore and got two different quotations which contain information about memory, storage, processor, graphic card, and screen size of the intended device. ABC also mentioned that one laptop is of Dell company manufactured in USA and 2nd laptop is of Acer company manufactured in UK. ABC uses to buy these laptops from EZ Importers, Pakistan. ABC further mentioned that in case of any issue in the laptop, Sunny has the option to get it replaced or repaired free of cost as per nature of the issue.

You are required to identify that how following rights of Sunny – the customer are being ensured in the above case:

Sr.RightsWay of Assurance
1Info about Ingredients of Product
2Info about Origin of Product
3Info about the Supplier
4Info about after-sale Service


In the given case, Sunny, the customer, has certain rights that need to be ensured. Let’s identify how each of these rights is being assured:

1. Right to Information about the Ingredients of the Product:

In this case, ABC Traders provides Sunny with two different quotations for laptops, each containing detailed information about the memory, storage, processor, graphic card, and screen size of the laptops. This ensures that Sunny has access to the necessary information about the product’s specifications, including the ingredients (components) of the laptops.

2. Right to Information about the Origin of Product:

Dell ABC in the USA, informs and the Sunny other that laptop one is manufactured by Acer Traders laptop is manufactured by in the UK. By providing this information, ABC Traders ensures that Sunny is aware of the origin of the products he intends to purchase.

3. Right to Information about the Supplier:

Although the case doesn’t explicitly mention ABC-Traders providing information about the supplier (EZ Importers, Pakistan), it can be assumed that Sunny has the right to inquire about the supplier if he wishes to do so. Ensuring the right to information about the supplier would involve ABC Traders disclosing relevant details about their supplier, such as their location and reputation.

4. Right to Information about After-Sale Service:

ABC Traders explicitly mentions that in case of any issues with the laptop, Sunny has the option to get it replaced or repaired free of cost, depending on the nature of the issue. This information assures Sunny of his right to after-sale service, ensuring that he can seek assistance or resolution in case of any problems with the purchased product.

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